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He is a singer/songwriter who states that his musical style was first conceived in the year 1972, citing the convergence of sounds happening around that point as forming the musical pallet of his sound.  "Pop from the 60's was still around, plus the early 70's pop.  You had artists like Andy Williams doing American Songbook standards that were still being heard on radio and TV.  I watched 'The Monkees' and 'The Partridge Family' that had some great pop songwriting.  Plus, people like Burt Bacharach and the emerging acoustic singer/songwriters...  just a great time to be around," Michael stated. 

Michael was born, raised and currently lives in Chicago. He got a late start with performing and writing music but was always an acute listener. "As a kid, I had the ability to create melodies spontaneously.  Just to pass the time and keep me company, I guess. In more recent years, I had been taking guitar and vocal lessons simultaneously and decided to combine the two and write.  It was natural to me and the melodies and music came as if I opened a door to a room in my house and there was a bunch of cool stuff inside."

Regarding influences and music he listens to, Michael says, "I have lots of influences but it's a funny thing. Most are well past being current or even popular.  Since I have been writing, I really don't listen to new music but I prefer to pay attention to and listen to the universe and be open to what it gives me.  I try to emulate what I am feeling or want to feel viscerally with my chord structures and progressions and the melodies are like big fish swimming in the sky that found their way into my net.  I feel each song is a gift and, if it is good, I'll finish it and play it, regardless if I like it, love it or not.  I am obligated to share the gift of that song that the universe gave me."

Michael credits his guitar instructor and friend, Nick Sikich, for shaping his style, particularly regarding Michael's unusual chord structures and progressions.  "There isn't a player in Chicago who can touch Nick Sikich, regarding musicality, creativity and technical chops.  I got lucky to be taught by him, although I do not claim to be a guitar player.  I do play guitar but I am a singer and a songwriter.   The biggest thing I learned from him is, anything goes as long as it sounds good! I was pushed to be melodic.  Always melodic.  And if what I am writing sucks, move on quickly," states Michael.

Michael says that he grew up playing sports as a kid and was a mischievous, self-proclaimed "Eddie Haskell" - type, who "preferred to stay out over coming home to eat" and liked to be on the edge whenever possible.  His sense of adventure has carried on into adulthood as he enjoys boxing competitively and, besides gigs, he can be seen playing his guitar and singing on the sidewalks of downtown Chicago ("What's the point of songwriting if I don't play them for people?", he asks.)

He is very close with his daughter, Emma.  Michael is a practicing Chiropractor and alternative healthcare lecturer.

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